Cycle Touring in Thailand (North East) | Jan 2019

A tough week cycling. From Uttaradit to Pua, through some hills, approx. 435km with 12170m ascent.

Click here to open the Strava route. The elevation gain is totally underestimated on the route, possibly it doesn’t know some of the roads.

DayDistance kmElevation Gain mSummary
1851166Got some miles in, feels good to get going
2762145Starting to get some ups and downs
3591866There are a lot of hills here
4421466I press the “give up” button but there is no bus, taxi or shortcut. Must keep spinning the legs.
5711538That’s it – I’ve had enough. But by the end of the day I am happy to have made it, get a shower and some food! Beautiful views, again.
6592476This is beyond a joke. Start to hope my knees give in. video
7151099The end is in sight. Between us and Pua is just one
827415After an afternoon off, get up early to watch sunrise, then set off down the other side. Another short and relatively easy day.

Here’s a video (YouTube link) of a pished local man in the mountains on a scooter wanting us to stop / drink / speak / something

We met some other cyclists on the way up the hill from Bo Kluea

View from tent

Camping at the top!